Tuesday 25.10.2016

12:15 PM

How do you know that

Lunch panel discussion on our ways to gain knowledge about ourselves and the world around us.

Ellis Potter
PD Dr. Christina aus der Au
Prof. Dr. Raji Steineck

University of Zurich
Room UZH KOL-G-217

How do we know anything? Do we know because "science says" or because of logic, or because of tradition or because of our personal experience? How can these ways of knowing work together? Does information come only from the physical world or also from outside of it?

6:15 PM

Three Theories of Everything

A lecture on the fundamental questions of life

Ellis Potter

University of Zurich
Room UZH KOH-B-10

A former Buddhist monk and now Christian minister and philosopher, Ellis Potter has a unique view on life. In this lecture, he explores three major world- views that propose radically different answers to the fundamental questions many people ask themselves.

Thursday 27.10.2016

6:15 PM

Big Questions

Two physicists discussing the fundamental questions of life. The discussion will be in English, there will be an Q&A session at the end and an Apéro afterwards.

Ben Moore
Ard Louis

ETH Zurich main building
Room E5

How did everything begin? Why is there something rather than nothing? Did the universe need a creator? Why do we exist? How can we understand the world in which we find ourselves? Looking closely at our world one cannot help but wonder about these and similar questions. Professors Ben Moore and Ard Louis, both physicists, are dedicated to seeking answers. In this discussion they will talk about their findings and the more controversial issues surrounding them. Will Christian faith give decisive insights to the matter or will science alone have all the answers?


Ellis Potter

Ellis Potter is a minister, counselor and teacher. He is a former Buddhist monk who became a Christian in the turbulent seventies. He worked for many years with Francis Schaeffer at L’Abri Fellowship in Switzerland. Mr. Potter has a unique background which includes music and the arts, theology and philosophy. He is often invited to conferences and workshop giving lectures on a variety of subjects.

Barbara Becker

Barbara Becker is member of the Management Team of ETH Global. Formerly, she was Managing Director of the North-South Centre of ETH Zurich. Her professional background is tropical agro-ecology with field work in Africa and Latin America. She obtained her doctoral degree and habilitation in Germany. Barbara Becker has broad experience in research management, among others in boards of trustees of international agricultural research centres.

Prof. Ben Moore

Prof. Ben Moore is a professor of Astrophysics at the University of Zurich. His research centers around understanding the origin and evolution of the universe. He has written two popular books on life in the universe and is engaged in talking about this topic. Under his artist name “Professor Moore” he also creates electro-rock music.

Prof. Ard Louis

Prof. Ard Louis is a professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Oxford. His research explores the boundaries between theoretical physics, chemistry, applied mathematics and biology. Louis is an associate of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion. One of his hobbies is molecular gastronomy, applying science to the art of cooking.


The Hochschultage first took place in October 2015. Video Podcast is online.

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